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HMP is committed to being a sustainable business. 

Circular Economy

Our focus is on becoming a part of the circular economy, ensuring that the Airpop products we make will go on to have another life.


All HMP Airpop products are a 100% recyclable.


At HMP we are proud to be part of a recycling network across New Zealand to ensure the recovery of our Airpop products at the end of their useful lives.

New Zealand Plastics Packaging Declaration 

HMP is a signatory to the New Zealand Plastics Packaging Declaration and is committed to all our Airpop products being fully reusable, recyclable or compostable. 

Ministry Environment

Zero Waste

Our factory has a Zero Waste Policy, ensuring our waste is minimised during production. All manufacturing waste is recycled onsite.

We help our customers achieve their zero-waste goals too. Providing 100% recyclable packaging.  We can connect you with our closest Airpop recycler.

A Clean Sweep

HMP has joined the movement to keep New Zealand free of plastic litter and is proud to be part of Plastics New Zealand’s  ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ programme. 

Designed to help plastic manufacturers keep their yards free of plastic resin pellets and prevent contamination of stormwater systems we focus on ensuring our factory has a minimal impact on our local surroundings. 

Operation Clean Sweep

We are committed to zero plastic pellet loss, site audits to verify compliance and an ongoing commitment to preserving water quality and wildlife through good housekeeping and efficient operations. 

Nelson Community Recycling

HMP is working with the local community providing an option for recycling. In 2018 we recovered and recycled 750m3 of postconsumer polystyrene. That’s enough to fill two whole 25m3  swimming pools. The amount of polystyrene recycled from our community grows every year.

Sustainable Materials 

Light as air. Polystyrene is 98% air, and only 2% of a typical box is material. 
Making it one of the most efficient and effective types of packaging for many fragile items.  Preventing the waste caused when products break and spoil in transit. EPS is a uniquely resource-efficient packaging material with a comparatively small carbon footprint. With boxes able to be used multiple times for some applications and fully recyclable at the end of life. The life of this packaging material can be extended significantly.  

Powered by the Sun

Our solar power system produces up to 85% of our factories electricity needs, with 650 solar panels gathering gorgeous Nelson sunshine. 

Solar powered


Airpop boxes are made through a simple process which uses water, steam and air (98%) combined with just a small amount of raw material (2%). We continue to invest in more efficient plant, with new compressors already reducing our power consumption up to by 30% a year. 



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