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All our products are 100% recyclable

How it works

Recycling AirPop Polystyrene benefits our planet and our communities. Incorporating recycled materials into new products means much less resources are used.

We are committed supporting the recovery of 100% of our products for recycling.

It takes a community

HMP is part of a network of Airpop Polystyrene manufacturers and recyclers across New Zealand and the world that have joined forces to rescue AirPop/Polystyrene from landfill.

Customers can contact members of this recycling network to arrange to either drop these off or have them picked up depending on the service available in their area.


Contact us to arrange recycling within the Nelson and Tasman areas.


What is accepted?

HMP and our partner recyclers will accept clean polystyrene, including our whole range of Airpop packaging products, as well as any other AirPop/Polystyrene items such as the extra packaging from new appliances or equipment.


  • All HMP Airpop packaging

  • Polystyrene packaging for small and large appliances

  • White polystyrene fruit and vegetable boxes

  • Please remove all labels and tape

Contact HMP or one of partner recycling partners to arrange pick up or drop off.

Guidelines and requirements

Polystyrene packaging can become a problem if it is not handled correctly. When it is broken the small beads can easily blow away and become unwanted litter. Help us look after the environment, by following these guidelines:

Storage and transport

  • Store and transport in securely covered bags or bins 

  • Avoid cutting or breaking the packaging into pieces to reduce the spread of dust or any broken pieces

  • Ensure the bags or bins are free from any general rubbish

  • Secure these to ensure they don’t blow away

Not accepted:

  • No coloured polystyrene

  • No strapping 

  • No plastic film or foam wrapping 

  • No peanut shaped loose foam packaging

  • No labels or tape 

  • No contaminated polystyrene – containing food, organic matter or construction debris

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