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A Clean Sweep

Hope Moulded Polystyrene has joined the movement to keep New Zealand free of plastic litter and is proud to be part of Plastics New Zealand’s  ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ programme. 

72% of New Zealanders are concerned about the build-up of plastic in the environment .  With increasing frequency, we see the images of dead seabirds, turtles and fish that have ingested plastic litter. The top five types of litter on our coastlines include: plastics of an unknown origin, food wrappers and containers, caps and lids, plastic bags and other single-use plastic products.

Plastics on beach

Image Source:  Plastics New Zealand

As shown in the image above one of the many common sources of this pollution are the resin pellets, used to make plastics like Polystyrene, which can enter our water ways and oceans during distribution or manufacture. 

Operation Clean Sweep is designed to help plastic manufacturers keep their yards free of plastic resin pellets and prevent the contamination of stormwater systems. HMPs focus is on ensuring our factory has a minimal impact on our local surroundings.  We are committed to zero plastic pellet loss, site audits to verify compliance and an ongoing commitment to preserving water quality and wildlife through good housekeeping and efficient operations. Our raw materials are all shipped directly to Nelson avoiding unnecessary handling that could risk additional spills.

Find out more about HMP’s commitment to zero waste, and a circular economy, through polystyrene recycling.

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