Our boxes are 98% fresh air and 100% recyclable

Locally owned Nelson HMP have serviced the Seafood, Meat, Wine, Produce and Pharmaceutical Industries for over 40 years. 


We manufacture quality Airpop boxes of all shapes & sizes, from 1 litre to 70 litres varieties.  

Airpop boxes are ideal for packaging due to being:

  • Light Weight and Durable 

  • Great Insulation Capacity

  • Absorbs shock (ideal for fragile items) 

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Stackable

  • Resists temperature fluctuations

  • Leak proof design

  • Unaffected by moisture

  • Low environmental impact

for life

At HMP our focus is on becoming a part of the global circular economy.
Ensuring that the Airpop Polystyrene boxes we make will go on to have another life. 

Ph 03 544 5090 | Email: info@hmp.co.nz

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